Publication fee

Publication Fee
We invite as well as give appreciation to the author[s] around the world to send or submit their articles in Management and Culture. For the cost of submitting articles from the author to publication, we respectfully convey that the author[s] is IDR 200.000

Article Processing Fee (APCs)
This journal was initiated with the idea of ​​building a healthy academic world through the publication of the best works of the author[s], be it research results, review of thesis or dissertation analysis, as well as the results of book reviews. Works that have been and will be published or distributed are to be read so that they are useful for the growth of a healthy and quality academic world as well as for improving the quality of literacy. Therefore, for the moment we are committed not to paying author[s] either from the submission stage until their articles are published in the Management and Culture. We wish the author(s), as well as the reader(s) for all the kindness and concern for the efforts and hopes that we have/, will put into publishing various articles on Management and Culture absolutely free of charge.