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Novelia Vionita Lumaya
Feliks Arfid Guampe
Fredrik Bastian Kawani
Olvit Olniwati Kayupa


This study aims to analyze the effect of service quality and village government leadership on community satisfaction. This study was conducted in Didiri village, East Pamona District, Poso Regency from July to August 2023. This study used a quantitative approach. The study population was 115 households. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling with a total sample of 92 households. The research data was obtained by distributing questionnaires to 92 respondents. Data analysis using nonparametric inferential statistical techniques. The results showed that the quality of service and leadership partially had a positive and significant effect on community satisfaction. Simultaneously, service quality and leadership also have a significant influence on community satisfaction.


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Lumaya, N. V., Guampe, F. A., Kawani, F. B., & Kayupa, O. O. (2024). THE EFFECT OF SERVICE QUALITY AND VILLAGE GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP ON COMMUNITY SATISFACTION: A STUDY IN THE VILLAGE OF PAMONA TIMUR SUB-DISTRICT, POSO REGENCY: Studi di Desa Didiri Kecamatan Pamona Timur Kabupaten Poso. Jurnal Manajemen Dan Budaya, 4(1), 10–20.