Empowerment: Journal of Community Service registered with BRIN with ISSN 2776-2564 (Online), ISSN 2776-4036 (Print) managed by LP2M STAI Darul Kamal NW Kembang Kerangm Darul Kamal NW Kembang Kerang-NTB. This journal is a peer-reviewed journal that contains scientific articles from various disciplines adopted in various community service activities based on Participative Action Research (PAR) and other applied research. Published articles include original scientific research results, new scientific review articles, or comments or criticisms of existing writings on community service research themes including, Education and Education, Socio-culture, Science and Technology, Language and Arts, Business and Economics, Management and Organizations, and Religion and Society culture.
Journal of Empowerment invites academics, professionals, research scholars, and graduate students to submit original research papers, survey papers, case studies, and academic or scholarly articles to publish works resulting from community service.
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