Alif Lam: Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities. This journal is in English, and and is registered on e-ISSN 2774-7093, as well as with the ISSN International Centre (ROAD). DOI Prefix is 10.51700/aliflam by Crossref. The publication frequency is Biannual. The journal is Open Access with Citation and Indexing by Google Scholar; Garuda; Copernicus; Base Index; Dimensions; WorldCat. Editor-in-Chief is Muhamad Said (Sinta | Google Scholar ). The journal is published by STAI Darul Kamal NW Kembang Kerang-NTB-Indonesia.

This journal has been accredited by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, Republic of Indonesia with Five Grade (Sinta 5) since the year 2021 to 2025 according to decree No. 72/E/KPT/2024

Alif Lam: Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities focuses on publishing articles in the fields of Islamic studies and related (integrated) humanities or using various interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches with other fields of science, namely philosophy, anthropology, archeology, anthropology, Islamic education (multicultural education), socio-culture, language and art, economics, politics, history, management, and organization and information technology. Article publications are classified into two, namely research results and results of critical analysis reviews/scoping review/mapping review/bibliometric analysis. This journal is periodical published biannually. Authors should read the author’s guidelines and agree to the copyright and licensing terms before submitting the articles.
This journal is open access and peer-reviewed journal for anyone in the context of sharing research knowledge globally.

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