Alif Lam: Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities is a journal that has been registered with ISSN 2774-7093 (Online) ISSN 2775-2461 (Print) and has been confirmed at The ISSN International Center published by the Darul Kamal Islamic School NW Kembang Kerang NTB. This journal was initiated on the basis of the idea of ​​how to integrate Islamic studies with other studies. In other words, a problem should be done with various scientific approaches. Therefore, this journal focuses on two categories, namely the results of research and the results of reviews [analysis] of theses, dissertations, or books. The theme of the article is focused on the field of Islamic studies and humanities that are linked (integrated) or using various interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches with other fields of science, namely philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, anthropology, Islamic Education especially (Multicultural of Islamic Education), social culture, language and arts, economics, politics, history, management and organization and information technology. This journal is published every six months (twice a year). We are very happy to receive articles from authors, both research results and thesis, dissertations, book reviews, or analyses.

Please register and submit your article/manuscript to link:, or send an inquiry email for further information to The published articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License