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: Alifbata: Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar
: alifbata
: pend.dasar
: 2 issue per year (Januari and July)
: 2774-762X (online)
: Husairi
: STAI Darul Kamal NW Lombok Timur NTB
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JOURNAL ALIFBATA is the Journal of Basic Education (JBE) that registered by [e-ISSN: 2774-762X] which is an online journal of research results that specifically becomes a scientific information media containing conceptual ideas, studies, theory applications, research results, and learning in the scientific field of the primary school domain, and digital education. JUNRAL ALIFBATA is open-access which is published regularly twice a year. Please Submit Your writing to editorial address or Submission directly Link , 
This journal is open-access for anyone who wants to contribute to either basic Education experts or observers of the world of Education. The journal of AlifBata indexed by Crossref [DOI] invites academics, professionals, research scholars, and graduate students to submit original research papers, survey papers, case studies, and academic or scholarly articles for publications ; for next edition | Vol. 01 | No. 02 | Juli 2021 |, Please send your manuscript to https://journal.staidk.ac.id/index.php/alifbata/about/submissions or send an inquiry email for further information to husaeri@staidk.com, The published articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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